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Sports initiation

The period in which the child begins to specifically learn the practice of one or more sports through the teaching-learning process when the person acquires and develops basic sports skills.

Training radius

Due to the teeneges` changes in the teenage phase, it is important to include daily exercise and good eating habits

Functional training, TRX

It is a training that allows you to perform movements that involve large muscle groups, admits a large number of variations of exercises and movements.

Hiit, Sport training

It is a high intensity workout that stimulates metabolism and builds strength, accumulating the same benefits as low and medium intensive aerobic workouts.

Gym, Fitness

It increases the state of physical health and well-being state that is achieved by leading a healthy life supported by continuous exercise over time through a series of gymnastic exercises which that are repeated several times a week to achieve good physical shape.


It is a routine of several smooth and progressive body movements that lead to greater flexibility. By stretching the muscles, it helps improve balance, correct posture and muscle tone.

Gymnastics for adults

It is a regular and constant practice of a motor activity, in which parameters are
evaluated, programmed, established and measured, adapting to the particular cases and needs.


Yoga is a practice that connects the body, the breath and the mind. This practice uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health.

Postural gymnastics, Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is responsible for the maximum recovery and recovery of all motor skills of an individual who has been affected by an injury or illness.


It is a discipline that is mainly based on training the internal muscles, helping to
maintain the balance of the body, and giving firmness and strength to the spine.

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